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For this project I traveled to Bekaa in Lebanon in November 2016, the mountains bordering to Syria, in November 2016 to work with the organizaiton Intersos Lebanon. The project provides micro gardens and workshops in food nutrition to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese in the area around Beqaa. There is also a kitchen garden installed in the Intersos Activity Center in Reshaya where the goal is for the beneficiaries of the project is to grow produce, process it (into marmelades etc.) to sell on the markets in Beirut in order to make a living. Eosta financed the project with 9'000 SEK to cover the kitchen garden in Resheya so that the project can continue every winter. The goal of the kitchen garden is to provide the beneficiaries of the project with a way to collectively grow & harvest organic produce, process and sell on the markets in Beirut.

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