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'Peace of Thought' is a series of photos and short texts where I share a piece of thought where I, during my travels or walk in the forest, reflect over appreciation & respect towards the often so overlooked things in life. I believe that when you take a close look at nature, the source of food, you will appreciate and respect the process behind what's on your plate- from the bees and the water to the hands of the one harvesting.

Born in Stockholm, but with parents from Syria, Lebanon and Hungary, I traveled a lot in my childhood years. I walked with my Grandmother in the busy markets of Damascus, picked peaches with my Grandmother in Hungary and I picked cherries with my Dad in the mountains of Lebanon.

In this album, I will share food experiences and thoughts from my travels where I gather recipes and inspiration for my food project.

Isaszeg, Hungary

Aug 2016

Beirut, Lebanon

Sep 2016

"My mother once dreamed that she went to the supermarket to buy ribs, only the shop did not take money. 'You have to trade it with something of an equal value.' they said. She didn't understand what that might be until they came up to her with our 15-year old cat that had been stunned in her head. Someone that I for 15 years had taken the time to know, that had given me endless memories, that had made me laugh, that had curled up next to me in the bed every morning. Someone that is irreplaceable.

After my mother told me about her dream, I realized that it is hard to kill what you have taken the time to see it is special. But when you see a cow, it feels like any other because you haven't taken the time to separate it from others by getting to know her uniqueness- her way to walk, her favorite place to be scratched, her favorite game to play. And when you make somebody into an anybody, they are easily replaced- and therefore easily killed. 

So that day, I took the decision to not strip away anyone's value just because I hadn't taken the time to see it."

'In a world where you can be anything, be kind.' 

"I love taking close-up photos of beings. Looking closer at a leaf, I can see the pattern of its veins that spread from its spine, just like mine. I can see the bees working hard and picking its flowers carefully. I can see the turtle taking deep breaths, reminding me to do the same. 

I can see the value of every little life around me that is so often overlooked and therefore lose its magic. How nice it is to notice them and take a moment to appreciate them, instead of just stepping on these little miracles- that goes for the little things in life as well as those on the ground that you walk on."

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"Mountains of Lebanon, where the olive trees grow beside the meadows of jasmine, rosemary, thyme, sage and bay leaves.

This is where I get my inspiration for the food project Selina's Organics where I cater vegan & organic funky food to finance my food projects around the world with the aim raise awareness to compassionate and sustainable food consumption."

"Back in the land where the peaches melt in my mouth, tomatoes taste sweet and the valleys are filled with little villages with local & seasonal fruit markets. Right now, you can find watermelon, peaches, green beans, aubergine, zucchini, grapes & tomatoes.

Inspiration for me comes from these places of my childhood where whatever I create is a way to express my appreciation of them. In Hungary, I'm inspired by the preserved handicraft where my grandmother cooks jam from the fruits of the garden and my grandfather knows about more plants than celebrity names."

Isaszeg, Hungary

Aug 2016

Beirut, Lebanon

March 2016